Year 6 Transition 2021

Year 6 parents and students, please find a host of resources on this page to help with your transition to Heathfield in September.

Dear Year 6 Parents and Guardians

I regret to inform you that we have made the decision that transition days for year 6 pupils going into year 7 cannot go ahead this term. This decision has not been taken lightly but, in the context of Covid-19 cases caused by the Delta variant continuing to increase across the county and the extension of current restrictions, we feel there is no alternative.

More information will follow shortly regarding alternative arrangements as we are all committed to supporting your child's move to year 7 in September in these continually challenging times. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

The transition day to Heathfield from year 6 to 7 for your child will be Wednesday 8th September 2021. This day will be for year 7 only, supported by the year 11 prefects.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hoare, Head

Preparing to start at Heathfield

We are certain that you are well versed at preparing your child for returning to school following the summer break but would like you to consider adopting some of the following support strategies to ensure that your child finds the transition back to school easier, as we know that the long summer break can increase anxiety, decrease motivation for learning and create challenges around changes of routine and transition.

The following tips may be of use:

  • Consider following a daily routine which includes regular sleep and wake up times. You could use a visual routine to support this if you want more independence from your older child.
  • Plan into the day opportunities for reading and perhaps do this together (either reading your own novel / newspaper, listening to your child read, or reading aloud to your child). All exposure to reading is invaluable – even putting on the subtitles increases your child’s exposure to reading!
  • Try to meet up with friends from school to maintain social relationships as this will encourage positive emotions around returning to school. Reduce social interaction load by supporting your children to do activities together, such as playing board games or watching movies which have a low social demand if your child struggles with social communication and interaction.
  • Make use of some of the online learning content that is still available from the Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, Free Mathsframe games or other online resources where possible to support your child to keep learning in their routine. A reward for this might then be free play on a computer game or TV choices afterwards.
  • Maintain a good balance between screen time and outdoor physical activity and play as this helps with supporting sleep cycles, mood stability and sensory regulation. It is recommended that children do at least 60mins of vigorous activity every day and being physically fit helps support brain function and build neural pathways that support sensory regulation and mental wellbeing.
  • Trigger positive memories of school by reminding your child of achievements, friends, happy experiences or subjects that they have really enjoyed about school.
  • Countdown the days to school return using a calendar to cross off the last days before returning over a 2-week period and talk about school as it gets closer to return.
  • Try a desensitisation protocol to reduce fear around the school return date. This might involve taking drive past the school on one day, stopping at the Tacchi Morris Centre or Shop to take a walk past the school and talk about positive experiences of school the next day, practising wearing school uniform (if there are sensory difficulties with the feel of clothing) the day after that, packing school bag the day before return, and looking at the timetable and discussing teachers and subjects together.
  • If you feel your child may need a specific visit to the school because they are extremely vulnerable or highly anxious, please request this by email and we will endeavour to make this achievable on the Weds 8th Sept of Thurs 9th Sept depending on their day of return to school.
  • And one more final word! Your child will likely be much more tired from the stress of returning to school so during the first few days we suggest keeping the demands at home exceptionally low for them. Regard overly sensitive and reactive behaviour as indicative of their tiredness and stress. This is completely normal as they try to re-adjust to a new routine again. Cooking their favourite meals, being sensitive with communication, allowing more opportunity to relax, doing physical activities to reduce overwhelm such as going to the park/ trampolining/ swimming or being outdoors, and giving them time to decompress in ways that they want to can all help them to bring their levels of stress down. Weighted lap pads or blankets might also help with this, as will a strong sleep routine.


If you're feeling at all apprehensive about testing upon starting in September, hopefully the video below will reassure you.

Transition Resources

If you’re in Year 6 and starting secondary school in September, you might be feeling a bit nervous, a bit excited and a bit unsure what to expect. The following resources may help.

Transitioning to secondary or high school can feel like a huge leap for children and their families. Place2Be's expert advice will help you prepare together and manage the transition from primary to secondary school.

The BBC caught up with Braydon Bent, the Man City supporting internet superstar to find out how he’s been finding lockdown and how he feels about moving on up to secondary school in September. Click here to find out what he had to say.

Student advice

"The time flies so use it wisely"

"Keep calm and keep learning"

"Great school, great teachers, great life!"

"It feels like yesterday that I was putting on my uniform for the first time but that was 10 months ago. Enjoy every lesson of your day, every break, because it will be over before you know it"

"Don't behave like someone you're not and be yourself!"

"Don't worry about your first day the activities are fun!"

"In the first week just focus about making friends and learning teacher's names."

"Try your best in every subject!"


Useful Resources

Clarks Shoes fitting appointments

With restrictions lifting, Clarks still want to encourage parents to book where possible so as to maximise safety of our customers and colleagues. Click here to find out more.

Summer Activities

If you are looking for a project to do with your child during the summer holidays, then look no further! This activity can assist in the preparation of moving from primary into secondary school. Place2Be: From River to Sea


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