Pastoral Overview

The school is divided into year groups, each with its own Head of Year. Each student is placed in a tutor group with a form tutor who takes a special and supportive interest in that group. The school operates a rolling tutor system whereby each tutor and Year Head will stay with the same students throughout their five years at Heathfield.

We welcome all parents to contact us, usually via the Tutor or Head of Year, whenever they feel it is necessary to do so. Parents can also contact members of the Senior Leadership Team directly when the need arises. Regular parent consultation evenings and our annual academic monitoring day are held, which also help strengthen this vital partnership.

A student council made up of representatives from each tutor group ensure that students have a voice in leading our school. A further opportunity for student leadership is through becoming a Year 11 Prefect. These are students who have been selected to work on a variety of projects that impact on the running of the school and act as role models and ambassadors for our community.

A range of support services are available for students including staff mentors, a counselling service, a welfare officer, a parent and family support advisor and a weekly clinic run by our school nurse.

We also have a specialist child protection team who support students and families if the need arises.

Students are able to self-refer to any of the above as well as referrals from Year Heads and Parents.

We recognise that high self-esteem, confidence, supportive friends and clear lines of communication with a trusted adult helps all of our students. We therefore aim to maintain an ethos where our students feel secure and are encouraged to talk and are listened to.

Secondary School is a place where children start to learn to become adults. At Heathfield they can experience that transition in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.


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