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Aspire Challenges


Welcome to our new Aspire Challenge Programme at Heathfield Community School!

The Aspire Challenge Programme is a Heathfield Award scheme designed to inspire our HPA students towards achieving beyond their potential and celebrate their ability throughout their school years.

The Aspire Challenge Programme is comprised of a number of challenges which aim to stretch, challenge, engage and motivate our students in a wide range of skills and subjects. There is no limit to the number of challenges a student can undertake and achieve.

The challenges can be completed in any order and once completed earns them a coloured pin badge to wear on their school jumper, as well as a place on the Heathfield ASPIRE Programme.

Number of challenges completed Pin Badge awarded
5 Challenges Blue
8 Challenges Red
11 Challenges Green
14 Challenges Bronze
17 Challenges Silver
20 Challenges Gold
30 Challenges Platinum
The Ultimate Challenges RHODIUM

Most importantly, the challenges encourage students to learn new skills, seek high levels of achievement, make positive contributions to society and aspire academically, socially and emotionally.

The series of challenges can be found attached, along with information on the requirements of each challenge and which member of staff is responsible for signing-off each challenge. Students simply take their work and an Aspire Challenge Completion Card to the designated member of staff who will then sign to notify that the challenge has been completed. Students are expected to maintain a portfolio of achievement and once enough challenges have been completed, the student will be awarded with his or her pin badge and certificate, as well as receiving many other opportunities on the Heathfield Aspire Programme.

The completion of challenges is held in high esteem. We will notify you via a letter when your child completes an award.

We hope that your child seizes this opportunity to embrace the Aspire Challenge Programme and we look forward to celebrating their success with them.

Simon Bament
Aspire Programme Co-ordinator.

Heathfield ASPIRE Challenge Programme

Ambitious, Student-focused, Potential, Inspire, Reflective, Excellence

Aspire to complete as many of the challenges throughout your KS3 School life and we will celebrate your achievement.

Click here to download the list of challenges.


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