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Safeguarding Team

Mrs Nicola Patmore Mrs Kate Berryman Mrs Samm Barge
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Deputy DSL Safeguarding Administrator
SLT Corridor Safe Hub Safe Hub
Mrs Tara Smith Mrs Sarah Kew Mr Andy Pulleyn
Safeguarding Support Officer (Designated Person for Looked After Children) Safeguarding Support Officer Safeguarding Lead at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
Safe Hub Safe Hub Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
Miss Lisa Moule Mrs Jennie Saunders Mrs Jenny Bowley
Safeguarding Lead at The Cedar Centre Safeguarding Lead at The SPACE 6th Form Safeguarding Lead at The SPACE 6th Form
The Cedar Centre The SPACE The SPACE


Feel Safe – Be Safe

If you are worried about anything, please talk to a trusted adult.

If someone is hurting you, it’s OK to get help and make it stop.

You have the right to be protected from violence, abuse and neglect from adults and other young people.

You can find most of the Heathfield Safeguarding Team in the Safe Hub via Student Reception, we wear a blue lanyard.

You can email us on:

We will work with you and support you.

We are here to help you.


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