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  • News from the Oak Tree: Edition 14

    date posted: 22/06/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • Uniform Update

    date posted: 15/06/22

    Dear Parents / Carers,

    Due to the predicted weather forecast for the rest of this week, students are able to wear their PE kits on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th instead of their school uniform if they wish to.

    If Year 11’s are sitting an exam on these days, they do need to be in school uniform.

    Please can you ensure you child/ children has plenty of water with them, a sun hat and sun cream.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Pete Hoare

  • Bridgwater & Taunton College Open Events

    date posted: 07/06/22

    Please see below the advert for Bridgwater and Taunton College Open Evening on Wednesday 8th June- parents and students must register online first at

    Click here to download

  • Race for Life 2022

    date posted: 24/05/22

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We are extremely excited to announce that the Heathfield school Race for Life is back! The Race for life will take part on Monday 25th July! This will be a whole school event where everyone will take part to raise money for Cancer Research.

    All Students and staff will be able to take part in a 1 mile or 2-mile event, with a day filled with entertainment and fun. This event has run twice previously at the school, where we have raised, in total, over £13,500. This is a huge amount of money for a very important charity and we would love to be able to raise more money this year to support the charity.

    All students have been handed out a sponsorship form today. Money for the event needs to be brought in on Monday 25th July, the day of the event. Alternatively, if you wish to sponsor someone online, then please use the following link: Heathfield Community School | Cancer Research UK Giving Pages

    If your child needs another sponsorship form, they can collect them from the main office. More information regarding this event will be shared nearer the time.

    We look forward to seeing the whole community come together to support such an important charity.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Helena Nicholls
    Assistant Head

  • News from the Oak Tree: Edition 13

    date posted: 20/05/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • Ten Tors 2022 Update

    date posted: 18/05/22

    In a departure from normal proceedings the 2400 participants in this years Ten Tors were lined up along the hill side in a giant number 60- bleary eyed teenagers ushered into place by their team managers on a misty morning just south of Okehampton Army Camp. Amazingly this all seemed pretty easy, despite my trepidation, and we were in position just after 6:15am- it had been a very early start! The departure from the norm was because this was a very special edition- the 60th Ten Tors ever held. It should have happened already of course but recent events meant that we had to wait a little longer to celebrate. After a 2-year hiatus, however, it felt very special indeed and as I looked at our teams and reflected on our journey to get here I couldn’t have been prouder or more excited for them.

    The Ten Tors, for those of you that don’t know, is a very arduous mass participation orienteering event where teams of 6 young people venture out onto Dartmoor to complete their given route. The event is organised by the military, has challenges ranging between 35 and 55 miles, age dependent, and take place on the second weekend in May each year. The rules stipulate that all teams must operate without any outside assistance and stay overnight on the moor carrying all the equipment they need to camp in wild locations out amongst the tors. It is the only youth event of it’s kind and an amazing achievement for those that complete it.

    Heathfield Community School has fielded teams in the last 10 editions, under the current management, and plenty more before that. As well as those on our teams lots more Heathfield students complete the challenge with their scout and cadet groups so Heathfield is always well represented. Our teams had been training since January, out across Exmoor, the Quantocks and Dartmoor. They had been forged in fire and ice as temperatures had soared but more frequently plummeted in some very challenging conditions. We had covered a lot of ground and camped in some lovely spots as the teams got to grips with camp craft and navigation and bonded over freeze dried expedition food and boil in the bag breakfasts. Not everyone who started the training made it to the event, but every one of them should be proud of what they achieved and were left with cherished memories.

    At 7am the big guns sounded the start of the event and the Teams were off- both heading out into the heart of the North Moor. At check point 1 they were both up on time, and as 2, 3 and 4 passed things were looking good. It was hot work, but the going was good underfoot and the teams were making great progress. Later in the day the pace slowed as the relentless nature of the moor took it’s toll and the 14kg rucksacks started to weigh heavy on sore shoulders. The teams had made it out to the furthest point, both down towards Princetown, and were making their loop heading in opposite directions, crossing over near Longaford Tor, excited and babbled exchanges of news before pressing on. Both Teams kept to their targets on day one and made it to where they had planned to camp so it was all to play for on day two. For the A team, things went more or less without a hitch and despite some confusion in the early morning mist after heading out from camp at 6am it was all plain sailing towards the finish. By 3pm it was medals, pasties and smiles all-round for them. B team kept us waiting a little longer. Their planned route of 40 miles clearly wasn’t enough for them and they contrived to take in the sights of the moor, a slight hitch seeing them heading out to Fur Tor and leaving them a big leg in to finish on time. Keeping cool heads they swallowed their error and with a herculean effort made up lost time to surge over the line with 30 minutes to spare. There were few dry eyes in the crowd as they accepted their medals on the podium. Proud staff and even prouder parents roaring their cheers.

    This moment of jubilation is addictive and keeps me coming back every year. Next year- will it be you up there on that podium?

  • Future Tuesdays – A Webinar with Sophia Waugh

    date posted: 18/05/22

    Future Tuesdays – A Live Careers Webinar with Sophia Waugh, Writer and Journalist – 6pm, Tuesday May 24th 2022.

    As part of our spring careers webinar series, we will be joined on May 24th 2022 by local author and writer Sophia Waugh.

    Sophia has published novels, a biography, a book of interviews and a history of food writing in England. She still writes, but also teaches and is back at Bishop Fox’s, her alma mater. She has just begun to study for a PhD on Madness in Victorian Literature.

    Sophia will discuss her writing and her career; she will be happy to take any questions at the end of the session.

    A zoom link to the webinar has been emailed home however any further enquiries can be directed to Mr Bament

    Click here for further information.

  • News from the Oak Tree: Edition 12

    date posted: 06/05/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • "No Deal" - Peace Child

    date posted: 06/05/22

    The song “No Deal” was composed in 2020 for Heathfield Community School’s “Peace Child” concerts which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the shows that brought young people from all over the world to Taunton to perform the show at the Brewhouse theatre and then on the West End in London.

    At the climax of the musical “Peace Child” children from all over the world realise that the only way to be taken seriously is to walk out of their schools and homes, take to the streets and make their politicians listen. In the show this (fictional) “Great Children’s March for Peace” is an impressive sequence and is instrumental in bringing about the “sea change” in attitudes which lead to “Peace Day”. Amazingly thirty years on this fantasy started to become a reality as young people across the planet did precisely this, believing that “no one is too small to make a difference”!

    “No Deal” celebrates these events and last year the students at “The Space” made this video of the song to coincide with the COP26 meeting of world leaders in Scotland.

    It is now on Youtube.

    Who knows, if enough young people “like it” then it may even get the attention of today’s (non-fictional) world leaders so let’s see what we can do!

    Julian Breeze.

    You can also watch the song performed in the “Peace Child 2020“concerts here. Dip in at 01:27:30 to hear “No Deal” in the full version with orchestra

  • Summer 2022 Curriculum Newsletter Now Available

    date posted: 28/04/22

    The Spring Curriculum Newsletters are now available from the Newsletters section of our site, or by downloading from the links below.

    Year 7 Curriculum Newsletter - Summer 2022
    Year 8 Curriculum Newsletter - Summer 2022
    Year 9 Curriculum Newsletter - Summer 2022



  • News from the Oak Tree: Edition 11

    date posted: 08/04/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • Emergency Lockdown Drill - 05/04/22

    date posted: 06/04/22

    Dear Parents and Carers

    This Tuesday the whole school took part in an Emergency Lockdown Drill, during which we all practised our procedure for any situation that might involve the school needing to lock all access to the buildings. This was a practice lockdown and is a routine procedure for schools, which is carried out regularly in a similar way to a Fire Drill.

    The main message in an Emergency Lockdown is 'Get In & Stay In' and students have been told that they need to either get in to the nearest classroom or stay in the classroom they are in.

    Students managed this drill very maturely and staff were able to model clear procedures to ensure that everyone stays safe.

    If your child asks you about the lockdown, please share this message with them and reassure them that this is a precaution so that we know what to do in the unlikely event that we would ever need to.

    With thanks and best wishes

    Nicola Patmore
    Assistant Head & Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • E-Safety Update - What Parents and Carers need to Know about Facebook

    date posted: 01/04/22

    E Safety Update

    Most people know the story by now. What started out as a morally questionable (but technically accomplished) mechanism for rating female college students’ pictures evolved into the flagship platform of a planet-spanning multi-billion-dollar empire – making a household name of its creator and adding an entirely new dimension to the 21st-century concept of ‘friendship’.

    Facebook’s slightly questionable beginnings may seem a lifetime ago now, but similar concerns and controversies have continued to haunt the platform even during its phenomenal growth.

    An Ofcom study last year revealed that around one in three (30%) of 12–15-year-olds had received a friend request on social media from someone who they didn’t actually know. Facebook, of course, is far from exempt from such behaviours – and younger users in particular can accidentally exacerbate the problem by over-sharing personal information.

    Contact from strangers is far from the only concern that many parents and carers have over their child becoming a Facebook user, however. From FOMO and trolling to young people accidentally damaging their future prospects, the guide below draws attention to other aspects of the social networking giant that trusted adults ought to be aware of.

    As always, please feel free to share this with absolutely anyone you know who you think may benefit.

    Click here to download the guide.

  • News from the Oak Tree: Edition 10

    date posted: 29/03/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • Future Thursdays: Engineering and Construction

    date posted: 25/03/22

    Dear parents / guardians,

    On Thursday 31st March at 6pm we are having our next virtual Future Thursday event. The is a zoom webinar all about careers in engineering and construction led by the company Willmott and Dixon. This is for any students (all Year groups) and their families for any young people who are interested in this as a career. Please find the zoom link below. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

    There will be a presentation and then an opportunity to ask questions about a career in the engineering and construction industry.

    Please contact Mr Caddy on for meeting information

    Click here to download a flyer.

    Kind Regards

    Ian Caddy
    Head of Business, Enterprise and Careers

  • E-Safety Update - Phone Scams

    date posted: 24/03/22

    E Safety Update

    According to recent Ofcom research, 7 out of 10 people in the UK received a suspicious text to their mobile phone last year. Almost half (44%) of those say they get a such a message every week. Banks and consumer watchdogs alike are warning of an increase in attempted phone scams, which frequently target more vulnerable groups: the elderly and, of course, young people.

    Scammers’ tricks have become more sophisticated in the digital age: now they can convincingly pretend to represent our bank, our health services or even our loved ones. Financial Fraud Action estimates that, in the UK, a financial scam is committed every 15 seconds. Some of these dishonest schemes continue to take the traditional route through our letterboxes or onto our doorsteps – but an increasing majority now target that commanding gateway to our attention that’s with us throughout our waking hours: our phone.

    From bogus bank personnel to counterfeit couriers, scammers now adopt a whole gallery of convincing aliases from behind a keyboard. In this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide, we profile some of the most frequent attempted cons, highlight ways to avoid them and suggest what to do if you or someone in your family does inadvertently fall foul of a phone scam.

    Click here to download the guide.

  • Heathfield Swifts Crowdfunder Appeal

    date posted: 22/03/22

    In May our wonderful swifts will return to the school nest boxes from Africa; their fleeting three-month stay in the UK is spent nest-building, raising their young and filling the skies with scintillating screaming displays as they scythe their way through the summer air above our school grounds.

    To bring these unique birds closer to our community, the Heathfield Eco Team has launched its Crowdfunder Campaign to raise funds for nest box cameras. With luck, we will bring the world of these mysterious aerial African birds closer to our community as we track their nesting activity from May to the time they leave the UK in early August.

    We would love to raise the £2500 necessary to install the swift cameras in our boxes, raise awareness of these threatened birds and celebrate the privilege of hosting African swifts during the summer months.

    Each swift that visits our school every summer will have flown non-stop, without landing, through Africa and back to the UK for nine-months. They will only land to breed. We know that creating a window into their world will make everyone’s world a more interesting place.

    Our Crowdfunder Campaign runs for three weeks and all donations are gratefully received. We have made rewards available in return for certain levels of donation and we hope that these rewards will allow contributors to share in the fascinating lives of the swifts at Heathfield School. You can contribute by visiting this link:

  • Online Webinar for parents: It is never going to happen to my child…

    date posted: 22/03/22

    Dear Parents & Carers,

    You are invited to a 1-hour live session delivered by Andri from Operation Topaz (Avon & Somerset Police).

    I've attended the session myself and found it really useful to keep up to date with the latest challenges that students face in the digital world. The internet's risks are very real and can have a devastating impact. If you'd like to know more to keep your children safe, then please join us on Tuesday 29th March 2022. Starting at 7:30pm

    I do hope you will join me,

    Best wishes
    Ed Ryan

    Online Webinar for parents: “It is never going to happen to my child…”

    Operation TOPAZ from Avon and Somerset Constabulary is offering a FREE parents webinar about Child exploitation and online grooming/safety.


    • Overview of online risks.
    • Exploitation of children online / offline .
    • Top tips on starting a conversation with your child about the internet and how to work together to use the internet safely.

    Microsoft Teams meeting

    Join on your computer or mobile app

    Click here to join the meeting

  • E-Safety Update

    date posted: 22/03/22


    Following on from the 2 videos I shared with you recently, here is a bit more information regarding what parents need to know about Whatsapp.

    WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service, with around two billion users exchanging texts, photos, videos and documents, as well as making voice and video calls. Its end-to-end encryption means messages can only be viewed by the sender and any recipients: not even WhatsApp can read them.

    Updates to its privacy policy in 2021 (involving sharing data with parent company Facebook) caused millions to leave the app, but the new policy was widely misinterpreted – it only related to WhatsApp’s business features, not to personal messages. In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as scams, strangers and location sharing. If you would like more information about keeping your child safe online, please contact Mr Ryan who will create an account for you with National Online Safety"

    Click here to download further information.

    Teen Voices

    How much is too much. How long is forever?

    Teen Voices: Oversharing and Your Digital Footprint - YouTube

    Be True, Be You Teen Voices:

    Who Are You on Social Media? - YouTube

    National Online Safety

    As part of our commitment to providing appropriate online safety guidance & training to parents, staff & pupils we have recently partnered with “National Online Safety” to provide e-learning courses for FREE to parents.

    If you are interested in taking a FREE CPD certified course please use this link below to register:

    Courses include:

    • Online Bullying
    • Online Identity
    • Online Relationships
    • Privacy & Security
    • Social Media
    • Mental Health
    • Legislation
  • News from the Oak Tree Edition 9

    date posted: 11/03/22

    "News from the Oak Tree" is Heathfield's fortnightly newsletter.

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  • Future Thursdays: A Career in Law

    date posted: 04/03/22

    Dear parents / guardians and students,

    Our next Future Thursday Virtual Webinar is next Thursday 10th March. This is all about a career in Law. It is with the local law firm Kennedies. The webinar is open to all students and parents for anyone who is interested in learning about a career in law and the different pathways. For example, did you know that you do not have to go to University to become a lawyer? There are apprenticeships in Law!

    The webinar will include a presentation and also have an opportunity for students and parents to ask questions. The invitation is open to students and parents from all Year Groups. Please join us at 6pm by clicking on the link that has been e-mailed out to all parents. Please email Ian Caddy if you have not received the Zoom Link

    Can I remind people to please have their cameras and microphones off.

    Kind Regards Ian Caddy Head of Business Studies and Enterprise RPE Teacher

  • Ten Tors Training

    date posted: 03/03/22

    Ten Tors training continued this week with our intrepid students braving the elements once more.

    This time Exmoor was the destination, and the skies cleared on occasion to give us fine but blustery views of the beautiful scenery on offer from the lofty heights of Dunkery Beacon.

    The training is progressing well; fitness levels are impressive, the students are showing a real aptitude for navigation and the level of team work and support is a joy to see.

    Next week - Dartmoor.

  • Non-Uniform Day: Friday 4th March 2022

    date posted: 02/03/22

    Dear Parents and Guardians


    We’re sure that, like us, you’ll have been deeply moved by the news coming out of Ukraine. We have been discussing the issue in school (see attachment) and would like to give pupils the chance to help those affected by the conflict. We also know it can be a difficult issue to talk about, there’s some great advice here: Ukraine conflict: How to help yourself, your kids, and others - BBC News

    We are therefore holding an additional non-uniform day on Friday 4th March.

    1. Please ask your child to give their suggested £1 donation to their tutor. All proceeds will go to the Ukraine crisis appeal- run by the British Red cross.  This is an event that will be running in schools all over Somerset on Friday. More details about the Red Cross campaign can be found here: Ukraine Crisis Appeal | British Red Cross
    1. Pupils are welcome to wear blue and yellow, if they would like to show their support for the people of Ukraine. 
    1. We are also happy to act as a collection point for a charity called, “Compass Wellbeing”. They are collecting the following items:


    • Items for children such as bottles, soothers, sleeping bags for children, nappies, nappy rash cream, wet wipes, powdered milk, baby food.
    • First aid kits.
    • Shower gels, hair shampoo, toothpastes, sopas, tampons, sanitary pads, shaving gels, washing powders/gels etc.
    • New underwear and new socks.
    • Long-life food.

    If you would like to donate, please ask your child to bring the items into school on Friday and we will get them to the charity.

    For those who have PE or Dance on Friday - don’t forget your PE or Dance kit!

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Hoare



  • Teen Voices

    date posted: 02/03/22
  • Urgent: School Closure 18/02/22

    date posted: 17/02/22

    Dear Parents / Carers

    We have received the information below from the local authority regarding the anticipated serious weather warning.

    “Following advice from the Met Office and Environment Agency, this is to advise all education leaders in Somerset that we are recommending school, early years setting and college closure for Friday 18 February. A decision has been taken across the sub-region to issue a ‘do not travel’ warning for tomorrow morning. Dedicated schools transport will also be suspended”

    As a result of receiving this guidance, we are closing the site tomorrow (Friday). No staff or students should attend school tomorrow.

    Work will be set for students to complete on Teams for all lessons tomorrow.

    Stay safe and wishing you a lovely half term when it arrives.

    Ian Grant
    Deputy Head

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