Ten Tors

The 10 tors is a mass start orienteering event held over 2 days in May. 2400 young adults in teams of 6 are set off at 7am with a given route appropriate to their age group and they have 32 hours to reach their 10 checkpoints and return to Okehampton army base. The teams operate independently with no adult supervision other than those they meet at the checkpoints.

The 10 Tors is rigorous and demanding and will test the students physically, mentally and emotionally. The training for 10 Tors promotes personal challenge, leadership, excellence in navigation, team work, an appreciation of the countryside and respect for those who live and work in it.

This year we were represented by two teams in the 35 mile category, and although sadly one of the teams did not complete their challenge we are immensely proud of the commitment, enthusiasm and drive that got them as far as they did.

Olivia Dodimead from Team B shares some highs and lows from training for the event:

Training for ten tors, although very fun, did have its highs and lows. One of the things I enjoyed most was the team work and having experience walking on the moor without any adult help. It was great to work as a team to navigate our way around the tors and to camp out and have to cook our own food. However, there were low parts, waking up early and setting off in frost was something I definitely wasn't used too. Also, when the fog came down when we were on top of the tors it could get quite worrying and often spark disagreements in the team in which way was right. Especially when we didn't have a bearing to refer back to. All in all it was a great experience and the highs and the lows all made it a very memorable experience.
Olivia Dodimead
Team A

Ben Maunder 10T, Joe Aries 10A, Niklas Beere 10L, Iona Stokes 10 A, Emily Lowe 10E, and Leila Bounou 10T


Team B

Niamh Evans 10W, Olivia Dodimead 10A, Shania Pearce 10A, Callum Ovens 10H, Luke Carter 10Y , Robbie Brown 10Y

The Jubilee Challenge

The Jubilee Challenge is a tough single day orienteering event which takes place on Dartmoor as part of the Ten Tors weekend. Aimed at students with a wide range of abilities it opens up the world of adventure and challenge to a whole number of young people and gives them a demanding challenge which is appropriate to their abilities and needs. Heathfield entered the event for a second year running and this year included some of the students from the Cedar Centre, the school’s Autism unit.

"A great time with lots of new and exciting experiences. A real challenge for our students which has created a real sense of achievement. A quote from a parent: "My child seems to have grown as a person overnight. "Lisa Moule, Cedar Centre

Route 3- 22km

Adam Wooler 9Y, Joseph James 9T, Matthew Buchan 9T

Route 2-16km

Adam Buchan 9Y, Jack Kimmins 9A, Conor Earnshaw 9E, Oliver Baldwin 9T, Luke Tosh (Cedar Centre), Robert Canon (Cedar Centre)

Up to 300 participants are involved in the Jubilee Challenge each year. Participants enter the Challenge as a member of a team or as an individual. Just like the Ten Tors Challenge, they are required to trek and navigate across northern Dartmoor to specified checkpoints. The Jubilee Challenge begins on the Saturday at 7:30 am at a start point near to the Ten Tors Challenge massed start and the course closes at 6:00 pm.

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