Year 7 Netball

The year 7 girls showed huge dedication to netball this term with 50 girls turning up to netball club consecutively each week. This made it very difficult to select teams as all girls were committed and showed great netball skills. 

At the first tournament, the A and B teams proved to be a success with neither teams losing a game and drawing 3-3 against each other. Then a C and D were able to have a match against Courtfields where they showed huge team effort but narrowly lost out.

The final tournament at Kingsmead was the qualifier to progress to Millfield, the girls were excited to get started and play their first game against Taunton Academy where they got their 1st win. They closely lost out to Castle 6-1 and Bishop Fox 4-2. The girls won all of the remainder matches and ended up in a fantastic 3rd place. 

Well done girls a fantastic season, ready to come back fighting next year!!

Yr 8 Netball 2015 Season Report

The year 8 Netball girls showed great energy and enthusiasm throughout the season, from beginning to end, in practise and fixtures, rain or shine. With around 30 girls attending practise, it was extremely difficult to pick squads for each game, but everyone who committed themselves to the season were able to represent Heathfield and should be proud of their achievements. 

By the end of the season, they had experienced a mixture of wins, draws and losses, but approached each and every challenge with determination, team spirit and passion for the game. The end of season tournament was a great opportunity for them to finish the season strong and showcase the skills they had developed as a result of their commitment and proficiency in coaching sessions. As a result of their relentless individual efforts and fantastic team work playing the ball up the court, they came close to beating some of the teams who provided the most difficult encounters and finished as one of the stronger teams in the district.

Overall, they have shown great potential as Netballers, and I am already looking forward to witnessing these talents develop even further next year. 

Well done on a fantastic season girls!


The attendance at this year’s Year 9 squad training was outstanding with over 30 players regularly coming along to our Wednesday training session. 

With the expert help of Miss McKellar both team and individual performances were improved giving us a new confidence in competition. 

Outstanding set plays and quick reactions, along with great defence and consistent shooting brought great results when challenging even the toughest of opposition in games. A nail biting draw against the strong Castle A side was a performance to be proud of with all members of the team focussed and determined until the final whistle. 

All teams played with commitment and vigour striving for the victory in all matches, and for the most part, that we achieved. 

Good memories of the season include the impenetrable defence of Megan Palmer, Melissia Barry’s fantastic shooting stats, and Harriet Manley’s unique Dalek-like Goal-Keeping technique. 

 We look forward to next season where our target is to reach the finals of the Somerset School Games and perhaps even come home with a well-deserved medal. 

Well done to all!


The year 10 girls continue to show determination to improve and confidence in themselves that took them past all opposition I the SSG qualifier (and a nervous wait after a draw with Castle) to win the area tournament to progress to the Somerset Championships at Millfield. 

The confidence continued in the tournament with a 12-8 win v Stanchester and an 18-9 win v Crispin. We lost to the eventual champions Haygrove 22-11 to become runners up and silver medal winners in Somerset. Progress indeed! We lost 2 game in the league so still targets for next season.

Yr 11 Netball 2015 Season Report

In their 5th season of school Netball the girls maintained an impressive amount of enthusiasm and passion for the sport, despite various other demands on their time and effort. Their commitment to training and determination to make this their best year of Netball yet meant that they achieved just that. They were undefeated throughout the local league fixtures, and rose to the challenge of taking on Richard Huish College, whom they convincingly beat 30-15. 

They consistently performed an outstanding level of skill and fantastically fluent team play which only got better with each and every game. As a result, they went on to beat Castle in the nail-biting SSG qualifier final 22-19, making them district champions for the first time in their school career! If this wasn’t exciting enough, they went to Millfield for the SSG in April, and after 3 more tough matches they left with the well-deserved title of County Champions and were rewarded with a Gold medal for all their energy and efforts. 

As a coach, I could not be more proud of their achievements this season. They are great role models to the up and coming Netballers of Heathfield and I am honoured to have been a part of such a successful year. They have been a fantastic group of girls to work with and they clearly have a tremendous amount of talent; However, it is their talent combined with their attributes of passion, resilience, solidarity, fortitude and positive energy which have resulted in Such a successful year all round, and will allow them to continue to be successful in whatever the future holds for them.

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