Duke of Edinburgh

A record 31 students from Year 10 have now successfully completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. The students were a pleasure to work with. Hopefully now some will go onto Silver or Bronze level.

The award consists of 4 sections - 3 sections (Physical, Skill and Volunteering) involve a regular commitment over a period of 3 or 6 months. Students must finish these before they are eligible to take part in the expedition section during the Summer Term of Year 10.

The Expedition section involves training and planning an overnight camping expedition in which the group must be totally independent.

Finally, a presentation must then be given to our assessor, reflecting on the experience.

Completing the award gives a tremendous sense of achievement and is also viewed as a valuable acquisition by employers.

More detail is easily available on the web:

Look also at the presentations given by some of our groups.


2015 D of E - (B)
2015 D of E - (C)
2015 D of E - (E)


2014 D of E - (a)
2014 D of E - (d)
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