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RE-ENGAGE, RECONNECT, RETRIEVE (Some schools call this catch-up)

Positive framing

We have talked a lot about positive framing. This is the idea, that language is important in helping young people reflect on and process recent events. We will be working hard to help pupils appreciate what they have achieved. We are very proud of them and want them to be equally proud of themselves. Examples of Positive framing:

Language to avoid Language to use
Catch-up Move forward, developing and deepening knowledge
Time lost Improve our knowledge
Lost learning Strengthen prior learning
Make up lost time Revisit to strengthen
Speed up Challenge ourselves
Impossible to fit in Develop core knowledge
There’s too much to do We’ll all do what we can
Deadline Assessment opportunity
X coding

Pupils who must self-isolate, as a result of a positive test or close contact, are known as X coded pupils. We will provide work using teams, for more details see below.

Remote Learning DFE Template



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