Learning Online

Should you be advised to self-isolate, please find a home-learning pack here.

TEAMS support email: teamssupport@heathfieldcommunityschool.co.uk

One of the positives, to have emerged from lockdown, is that Heathfield is now a Microsoft TEAMs school.

All pupils have access to Microsoft 365 (office.com). Pupils benefit from a school email, access to teams and 1TB of data storage on ‘Onedrive’. This also means that we can quickly and efficiently move online, in the event of any future school, local or national lockdown.

TEAMS operates alongside class charts. Class charts is designed as a reminder for pupils and parents; essentially, a homework diary. TEAMS allows pupils to contact their teachers and each other, it also allows teachers to post resources and videos to support our pupils.

We have chosen TEAMs because it offers:

  • a safe online environment to work in
  • swift and effective communication
  • access to Microsoft apps to access resources and complete / submit your work

We are always looking to improve. 

Our expectations from our learners
  • Students will adhere to our Learner's agreement, as outlined in the "Distance Learning: Learners' Agreement" found on our Policy page.
How can parents help & how can parents find help?

Education is always a partnership between schools and parents, and the pandemic served to highlight the importance of communication, collaboration and coordination.

Teachers are available through TEAMS and email.

If you have any urgent issues, please get in touch. Our staff list (with contact details) is here: https://www.heathfieldcommunityschool.com/about-us/staff-list

If you are unsure who to contact, please email the main office, who will direct your query: office@heathfieldcommunityschool.co.uk 

How to attach work to assignments
Teams - The basics
Student Teams
Microsoft Windows

Preferably use Microsoft Edge, but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will also work.

Please note that Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft anymore.

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work on Windows 10.

After logon to the Office 365 Portal, select teams from left side.

When it opens select, Use the web app instead , as highlighted in yellow below

Don’t select Get the Windows App


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