We aim to inspire curiosity and a fascination about the world we live in.

Our Aims:

“Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?”
Michael Palin (Travel Writer and Presenter)

As Geographers at Heathfield, we aim to provide the following experience for our students:

  • To inspire curiosity and fascination about the world
  • To help all students to achieve their potential
  • To create a lasting awareness of the world around us
  • To prepare students for life in an ever changing world
  • To practice creative, independent and critical thinking
  • To promote sensitivity and empathy towards others
  • To value student voices to inform future changes

As Geographers in the department we aim to:

  • Be the best department that we can possibly be
  • Provide an experience beyond that of the curriculum
  • Practice a wide range of imaginative teaching strategies in involving “living geography” that will stimulate active participation in learning and incorporate the regular and effective use of enquiry, fieldwork, geo- media, images, atlases and maps
  • Promote high standards to help students achieve their potential
  • Continually evaluate what we do to improve the department
  • Use current events and research to inform our teaching
  • Draw on a variety of experiences from all staff members to build a cohesive teaching and learning environment
  • Actively promote the profile of geography in the school
  • Nurture links with other schools and departments locally, nationally and globally, as well as having guest speakers
  • Enable each teachers continued personal and professional development

Key Stage 3

KS3 Plan
Year 7 How do I become an excellent Geographer? What’s the Use? How can Earth meet our resource needs? Does Heathfield School have a litter problem?(Fieldwork) The Role of Stones – How do rocks shape our world?   The RGS Young Geographer of the Year Comp
Year 8 Location, Location, Location! To what extent is Urban Sprawl positive for Monkton Heathfield? (Fieldwork) Through thick and thin: How does glaciation change the world? Introducing India! The tide is high – what is the future for Dawlish? (Fieldwork) Marvellous Maps – What can we learn from them?  
Year 9 How Risky is our world? Volcanoes and Earthquakes! Do immigrants move to Britain, take our jobs scrounge our benefits and take our houses? Raging Rivers: can they be tamed? The age old saga: how does an aging population pose challenges for us all? What is the Global Fashion Industry and what has it go to do with me? Own fieldwork enquiry

Key Stage 4

Geography is both popular and successful at Key Stage 4.

What do you study?

We follow the AQA GCSE Specification:

AQA A Geography at Heathfield
  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn 1 (8 Weeks) Phys Landscapes of the UK: Rivers (13 lessons/6.5 weeks)

Holford Fieldtrip

Landscapes of the UK : Coasts (12 lessons/6 weeks)

Changing Economic World: UK (6 lessons/3 weeks)

Challenge of Resource Management: Intro + UK (8 lessons/4 weeks)

Autumn 2 (7 Weeks) Phys Landscapes of the UK: Coasts Continued (for 4 weeks)

Natural Hazards: Tectonic (7 lessons/3.5 weeks)

Challenge of Resource Management: Energy (8 lessons/4 weeks)

Urban Issues and Challenges: Intro + LIC/NEE (9 lessons/4.5 weeks)

Spring 1 (6 Weeks) Natural Hazards: Weather (9 lessons/4.5 weeks)

Natural Hazards: Climate Change (4 lessons/2 weeks)

Urban Issues and Challenges: Intro + LIC/NEE continued for 2 weeks

Urban Issues and Challenges: UK (7 lessons/3.5 weeks)

Bristol Fieldtrip + Write up/analysis

Spring 2 (6 Weeks) The Living World: Ecosystems intro + Rainforests (13 lessons/6.5 weeks)

Urban Issues and Challenges: Urban Sustainability (2 lessons/ 1 week)

Summer 1 (6 Weeks) The Living World: Hot Deserts (9 lessons/ 4.5 weeks)

UNIT 2 (HUMAN): Challenge of Resource Management: Intro (6 lessons/3 weeks)

DME prep



Summer 2 (4 Weeks) Changing Economic World : Intro continued for 1/2 weeks


Changing Economic World: LIC/NEE (6 lessons/3 weeks)
GCSE Exams

GCSE student can find revision materials and information on their exams on the Heathfield GCSE Geography Website

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Opportunities

  • Year 7 Local Fieldwork in the school grounds
  • Year 8 Local Fieldwork around Monkton Heathfield
  • Year 8 fieldtrip to Dawlish Warren (TBC Spring/Summer 2016)
  • Year 8 visit by explorer Matt Dickinson
  • Year 9 link to Ghana (Kumasi Basic Services School)
  • Year 9 G&T fieldtrip to Cadbury World, Birmingham
  • Year 10 Fieldtrip on the Holford River
  • Year 10/Year 11 trip to Iceland (run biannually).
  • Year 11 Fieldwork in Bristol
Heather Sperring Head of Geography
Jo Rogers Head of Careers
Robyn Thornton Teacher of Geography
Ian Caddy Head of Business and Enterprise
Ian Grant Deputy Head


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