PSHE or Personal and Social Education looks at topics such as healthy lifestyles, risk, relationships, diversity, careers and economic understanding. It’s part of our broader programme to cover spiritual, cultural, moral and social issues (SMSC). we constantly review our programme to update it and keep up with current trends and issues.

Much of the work is delivered throughout the curriculum - for example sex education in Science lessons and work on topics such as euthanasia and abortion in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, bank accounts and savings in Maths. We also run collapsed timetable days (known as crash days) throughout the year which involve a large number of outside speakers, performers and experts. Students are regularly invited to feedback on their experience on these days and the response has been overwhelmingly positive as they feel they enjoy the chance of spending a whole day focussed on topic, taking part in wide ranging discussions and activities.

An overview of this years’ programme is shown by the diagram below:



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