Be prepared to learn something new each lesson.

“Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”
Shakuntala Devi

Curriculum intent

Within Maths, students follow a mastery scheme of work to ensure core understanding of the underlying principles of Mathematics. With such a large number of feeder schools, we have found that students are at a variety of levels within their Maths education. Many students arriving at Heathfield know a number of ‘processes’ but not necessarily the understanding behind these key concepts. As a result, students find linking topics and problem solving more difficult in later years. This has led to the introduction of a mastery curriculum to enable students to develop a deep understanding of the underlining principles of Mathematics, and to be able to apply these skills across a variety of disciplines. Mastery supports pupils from all starting points in exploring and explaining Mathematical ideas and developing their own connections, before developing these into a working understanding of key Mathematical concepts. Pupils who develop this flexibility of thinking within Maths are more readily equipped to meet the demands of the new GCSE curriculum.

Curriculum implementation


Most of the students transitioning from primary school will be familiar with a mastery approach to Mathematics, which allows an easy transition into KS3 where the focus is to really deepen their understanding of the key concepts within mathematics and explicitly develop to interwoven links within each of the topics covered. Students are exposed to the relevance of what they are learning through linking other subject matters and real-life contexts.

Within year 9 students begin the transition towards the KS4 curriculum in order to fully prepare students for year 10 and 11. Within year 9 students continue to build upon the skills they have learnt within KS3 with a focus on content and application. Interleaving of topics continues and students start to be exposed to some of the lower order topics within the KS4 curriculum.


Within year 10 and 11 students follow a number of units that cover the breadth of the GCSE curriculum. Each of these units are assed by end of topic, open book, assessments to show students the importance of taking neat consistent notes within lessons.

Across all years teachers interleave content through the schemes of learning and via quizzing at the start of each lesson and when appropriate throughout. 

Meeting all students' needs

The Maths curriculum is designed to be fully inclusive and implemented in a manner to reach all students, regardless of their ability. Students are set from year 7 to allow for maximum impact across the board. By setting early on teachers plan for a specific ability and through our mantra of ‘teaching to the top’ all students are stretched and challenged within lessons no matter the set. These sets are regularly reviewed via assessment data, classroom engagement and homework completion rates ensuring all students are given the best environment to make maximum progress. Within years 7 and 8 all students follow the same curriculum allowing for students to seamlessly move from one class to another if needed. Focusing on these changes within year 7 and 8 allows for minimal changes to happen within the later years.

Pupils can also take part in specialised intervention support from the LEO across all ages. In Key Stage 4 the department offers intervention in the form of daily classes in place of tutor time and weekly revision sessions after school available for all year 11 students.

Spiritual, Moral, Social or Cultural Opportunities

Within maths students get the opportunity to explore how mathematical concepts work outside of the classroom. Some of these opportunities include;

  • maths challenges,
  • STEM workshops in and out of school,
  • Visits to local universities,
  • Competing in national STEM and maths specific competitions.
James Andrews Head of Department
Michael Thompson Second in Department
Ben Palmer Second in Department
Michael Brooks Assistant Head
Louise Husband Assistant Head
Nicola Patmore Assistant Head
Zoe Cameron Teacher of Maths
Eleanor Jeremy Teacher of Maths
Vicky Richardson Teacher of Maths
Luke Scott Teacher of Maths
Effie Mavrommati Teacher of Maths
James Sussex Teacher of Maths
Joe Draper Teacher of Maths
Alice Bagwell Teacher of Maths
Henry Durdan Teacher of Maths


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