Good Citizenship is at the core of Heathfield School. We believe by encouraging students to take part and join in we promote citizenship. The success of our approach is often noticed by visitors to the school who comment on the incredibly positive atmosphere, the politeness of students and the diversity and extent of extra-curricular activities that are offered in the school.

We also cover issues such as the legal system, human rights and the diversity of the UK society, voting and elections.

Heathfield has a well-deserved reputation for our global citizenship. Annually we run trips all over Europe. We have links with schools in Ghana and The Dominican Republic through the amazing Café Paramo project. We are in our third year of a programme involving Internship students from Bates College in Maine.

Heathfield has been awarded the International School Award from the British Council three times, each award lasting for 3 years.

In school we have a multi-cultural week each year and a global citizenship day each June.

Examples of Citizenship provision at Heathfield

Enterprise Day for year 8

All sorts of exciting problem solving activities to encourage students to think about the world of work and the skills that you will need.

Global Citizenship Day for year 7.

An exciting mixture of dance and drumming in the Tacchi Morris centre with a Nigerian group called Ngomo.

Followed by some interactive workshops on the theme of anti - racism.

Please contact Ian Caddy at school if you have any questions/suggestions

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