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Business Studies

At Heathfield we are pleased to offer Business Studies as a GCSE subject. We follow the OCR (9-1) syllabus. This is an exciting course that offers students the opportunity to learn about the business world.

In this course you will be studying for two exam papers, each paper with different topics. Each paper is for one and a half hours.


(1) Business Activity

  • The role of Business enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Business Planning
  • Business ownership.
  • Business Aims and Objectives.
  • Stakeholders in Business
  • Business Growth

(2) Marketing

  • The role of marketing
  • Market research.
  • Market segmentation.
  • The marketing mix

(3) People

  • The role of Human Resources
  • Organisational Structures and different ways or working.
  • Communication in business
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Motivation and retention.
  • Training and Development.
  • Employment Law

This paper focuses on the different forms of business ownership and explore the different ways that businesses can grow. The importance of human resources in employing and retaining workers and the internal structures of small and large businesses.


(4) Operations:

  • Production Processes
  • Quality of goods and services
  • The sales process and customer service
  • Consumer Law
  • Business Location.
  • Working with suppliers

(5) Finance:

  • The role of the finance function.
  • Sources of finance.
  • Revenue, costs, profits and loss.
  • Break-even.
  • Cash and cash flow

(6) Influences on Business

  • Ethical and environmental considerations.
  • The economic climate.
  • Globalisation

(7) The interdependent nature of business

This paper focuses on the different types of production methods, managing and controlling production and production costs. Students will also learn about business finance, focusing on sources of finance and financial forecasting. Finally, for this unit, students will explore the environmental influences on business, the government and the UK economy.

We study the units for paper 1 in Year 10 and for paper 2 we study the units at the end of year 10 and year 11.

GCSE Business Studies explores all the main areas of commerce, such as ownership, marketing, finance, human resources and production. Students will learn about the different types of organisation, how to run a company, methods of recruitment, staff training and employment law. They will also learn about basic accounting, the economy and social enterprise. We are expanding our links with local businesses from which students can learn from, and also provide opportunities for student to develop their enterprise skills with different projects.

More information about the OCR course can be found on this link

Business studies is an ideal subject to study for any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone just interested in Business and its importance to our lives in the modern world.

Mr I Caddy Head of Business Studies and Enterprise (including careers)


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