New York Trip


New York was one of the most exciting and amazing places that I’ve been able to visit with Heathfield School.

With one long day of travelling at the beginning we began the next day with Guggenheim – a beautiful building containing pieces of Art we were able to copy. We then visited Grand Central Station – the place in all the films and had lunch from all the wacky food stalls.

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) was the next art gallery that we visited, this contained pieces by Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh – some of the most well-known artists. Our dinner that night was at the one and only Bubba Gump Shrimp Company from Forrest Gump where some of us enjoyed their very own shrimp. We finished our first day off in New York by seeing its beauty from the top of its highest building - The Empire State Building. The views are something you might be able to see in a photo but something you need to experience yourself; this was one of my favourite things about visiting.


The next morning on our second day we awoke at 8.30 and had our breakfast and waffles again. Our first place to visit was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – a place that was filled with beautiful artwork and artifacts.

On our way to lunch we walked through Central Park – New York’s biggest and most beautiful park. Filled with green trees, green grass and talented buskers – Central Park was great to walk through. We had a bite to eat at the Rockefeller before whizzing to the top. Another one of my favourites – seeing the views but in the day light, it was such a different sight but equally breathtaking.

We finished our second day off with dinner at the Hard Rock Café seeing some amazing music memorabilia and enjoying some perfectly cooked burgers. This day was topped off with a trip back to the hotel in a limo touring the streets of New York listening to music and seeing things we hadn’t seen yet.


Our third day, our last day, began with a Staten Island Ferry Trip, viewing Manhattan in full as well as the Statue of Liberty – both sights a thing we all wanted to see.

Our second event of the day was a tough one for us all as well as something we all wanted to do and to pay our respects to. Ground Zero, the 911 memorial, was a sad area for all but also a now beautiful memorial for the loved ones that were lost. Each brave person’s name written on the low wall bordering where the towers stood was a heart stopping sight that will all remember.

Our last event of the day after lunch was shopping in Times Square – something we were all looking forward to. The weather was wet but we all thoroughly enjoyed our free time.


Our very last thing in New York came too quickly and we had our last dinner at Planet Hollywood – we finished our time in New York in style and it was amazing. I’m sure that I can speak on behalf of all of us and say that each and every one of us had an amazing time in New York despite the wet weather which didn’t even come close to distracting us from New York’s amazing atmosphere and beautiful views. We would all like to thank Mrs. Essadiq for running this trip and giving us the opportunity as well as all the other teachers that came with us.

As a GCSE art student I highly recommend all the other students taking art to go on this trip when it’s offered. New York is place to inspire you and give you ideas and you can’t waste it. The galleries gave us creativity and inspiration that we can now use in our GCSE and keep in our memories.

New York is somewhere you need to go to believe just how great it is and the fact that Heathfield offers the trip to us is incredible. Once again thank you for this trip and we couldn’t feel any more amazed when think we’ve been there.

-Kate Stevenson - Ex Year 11


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