"No Deal" - Peace Child

The song “No Deal” was composed in 2020 for Heathfield Community School’s “Peace Child” concerts which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the shows that brought young people from all over the world to Taunton to perform the show at the Brewhouse theatre and then on the West End in London.

At the climax of the musical “Peace Child” children from all over the world realise that the only way to be taken seriously is to walk out of their schools and homes, take to the streets and make their politicians listen. In the show this (fictional) “Great Children’s March for Peace” is an impressive sequence and is instrumental in bringing about the “sea change” in attitudes which lead to “Peace Day”. Amazingly thirty years on this fantasy started to become a reality as young people across the planet did precisely this, believing that “no one is too small to make a difference”!

“No Deal” celebrates these events and last year the students at “The Space” made this video of the song to coincide with the COP26 meeting of world leaders in Scotland.

It is now on Youtube.

Who knows, if enough young people “like it” then it may even get the attention of today’s (non-fictional) world leaders so let’s see what we can do!

Julian Breeze.

You can also watch the song performed in the “Peace Child 2020“concerts here. Dip in at 01:27:30 to hear “No Deal” in the full version with orchestra

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