Friday assembly

Friday assembly

28 September 2022


Dear parents and carers,

On Friday, I began a short programme of assemblies for our students around some key features of what I consider to be a good school culture; one where children are safe and feel safe, value their learning and value the learning of others around them. Last week’s topic was on our use of language. Still to come this term will be punctuality, uniform and phone usage, among others.

Since taking up my post, just over four weeks ago, I have been greatly encouraged by the support that the school receives from our parents. I know that our students are best served when there are close connections between school and home, and when they receive the same messages, about acceptable conduct, from both places.

I have therefore made the video of my assembly available for parents to watch for themselves. A link to the YouTube clip is here:

The key messages can be summarised as, “At Heathfield we use respectful language”

· Use polite language, suitable for our school setting

· Speak to one another with respect, always

· Explain our concerns to a trusted adult

· Are resilient to minor slights

I would be grateful if you would watch the video (it is approximately 8 minutes long) so that you can see how I have been speaking to our young people about what is acceptable and unacceptable language. You could ask your child/ren about how they responded to this message after Friday’s assembly.

If you would like to discuss the content of this assembly, or any other query or concern, please do contact us at school.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs Hannah Jones


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