Emergency Lockdown Drill - 05/04/22

Dear Parents and Carers

This Tuesday the whole school took part in an Emergency Lockdown Drill, during which we all practised our procedure for any situation that might involve the school needing to lock all access to the buildings. This was a practice lockdown and is a routine procedure for schools, which is carried out regularly in a similar way to a Fire Drill.

The main message in an Emergency Lockdown is 'Get In & Stay In' and students have been told that they need to either get in to the nearest classroom or stay in the classroom they are in.

Students managed this drill very maturely and staff were able to model clear procedures to ensure that everyone stays safe.

If your child asks you about the lockdown, please share this message with them and reassure them that this is a precaution so that we know what to do in the unlikely event that we would ever need to.

With thanks and best wishes

Nicola Patmore
Assistant Head & Designated Safeguarding Lead

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