Aspire Updates - Autumn 2020

Beyond The Classroom

Last January, 39 Heathfield students signed up for the Beyond The Classroom project. A new addition to the school's Aspire programme, the project encourages students to pursue a project of their choice over a period of six months. With chosen project titles ranging from Photographic Portraits of Birds to Spanish Language and Culture, our scheduled Showcase Day in June was promising to be a wonderful celebration of students' projects. Unfortunately, as the Covid pandemic continued, it became obvious that our showcase day would not go ahead. We are now accepting finished projects in early January and plans are in place to showcase the wonderful work of our students in video form once the projects have been submitted.

The next Beyond the Classroom project will be launched in February 2021.

The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme

In January 2020, Heathfield entered 12 students into the Scholars Programme which is co-ordinated and delivered by the university access charity The Brilliant Club. As part of the 6-week course, selected students were scheduled to visit a local University for an induction day before completing a University-style study project delivered by a graduate. The university visit would then be repeated at the end of the programme so that the students could experience their own graduation ceremony having completed their set assignment.

Inevitably, the Covid lockdown meant that all plans were suspended. Upon returning to school in September we worked with the Brilliant Club to arrange weekly on-line tutorials which are now taking place on a Monday evening.

By the time Christmas arrives, twelve students in years 8, 9 and 10 will have experienced a University-style course based around a literary topic which challenges their academic abilities, organisational skills and resilience.

Having witnessed the students participating in these tutorials, I have been incredibly impressed by their focus, ability and desire to embrace literary theory that they may not necessarily encounter in school. It’s wonderful to see all the students stepping bravely outside of their comfort zones to embrace challenging, yet stimulating material.

Well done to all involved!

The Aspire Challenge Programme

A little later than planned due to the Covid-19 situation, I am planning to re-launch the Aspire Challenge Programme in the run-up to Christmas. The Aspire Challenge Programme is a Heathfield school scheme designed to inspire our students to achieve beyond their potential and celebrate their ability throughout their school years.

The Aspire Challenge Programme is comprised of a number of challenges which aim to stretch, challenge, engage and motivate our students in a wide range of skills and subjects. There is no limit to the number of challenges a student can undertake and achieve.

The challenges can be completed in any order. Certificates are awarded once students have completed blue, red and green challenges and if they complete the bronze, silver, gold, platinum or rhodium challenges, they receive a pin badge to wear on their school jumper.

More updates on the Aspire Challenge Programme will be available soon.

Maths Aspire Booklet

Click here to download the Maths Aspire booklet for Years 7 & 8.

Mr Bament
Aspire and HPA Co-ordinator

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