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Heathfield does expect all students to adhere to our school uniform policy. The uniform is smart and practical and we expect parents to support this policy by ensuring that their children leave home in the morning appropriately dressed for working in school. School uniform is available from either 

Taunton Uniforms,
144b East Reach,
Tel: (01823) 278080

or from 

Jual Branded Clothing & Promotions Ltd
Units 1 & 2
King Alfred Business Centre
Petherton Road
North Newton
Tel: (01278) 661199

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The uniform consists of:

Boys Girls
Black V-neck Jumper with school logo Black V-neck Jumper with school logo
Black tailored Trousers (not jeans) Black school Skirt with school logo or Black tailored Trousers
White Shirt (long or short-sleeved) White Shirt (long or short-sleeved)
School Tie School Tie
Plain black socks, black shoes (not trainers) Plain black socks or black tights
Black shoes (heels below 2½”)
White Heathfield Polo Shirt (Summer uniform for all + Year 10/11 only all year round)(Girls and Boys)

Students may wear a neck chain of sentimental or religious significance (which must not be visible); a single plain ring on the finger per hand; a single earring in each ear, either plain stud or small sleeper. No other jewellery is acceptable, ie no eyebrow or nose studs/rings etc (such piercings may be retained with a clear or skin-toned body piercing retainer.) No hoop earrings as these could be dangerous.


should be neat and hair colours limited to natural tones. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school, for example, hair shorter than a grade 2. Hair can be dyed but only natural colours are allowed (ie no blue/pink/red/green etc). No bleached hair.


Trainers can only be worn for PE lessons and for playground/field games at lunchtimes (NOT at breaktimes), or for the journey to and from school, except for medical reasons, for which a note is required.


Shoes must be plain black, or plain black canvas/vans. No stripes or logos allowed. If you are not sure please contact the school.


must be standard, tailored (not tight to the leg), school trousers and should be made from suitable materials such as wool, polyester, viscose or cotton. They must not be too flared, should have no splits and must not trail along the floor. They must not be skinnies, jeggings or jeans. No back patch pockets. No fashion belts.


With school logo only. Knee length – hem should be on or below the knee. Available from School Uniform suppliers.

Outside Coats and Jackets

Coats and jackets should preferably be plain and we do not allow denim jackets, studded clothing or coats with inappropriate logos. No hoodies are allowed.


No caps or hats (other than in exceptional weather and for PE).

Optional Summer Uniform

Between April and late October the Heathfield polo shirt can be worn instead of the white shirt/blouse and school tie. Students in Year 10 and 11 only will have the option of wearing the polo shirt instead of the shirt and tie throughout the school year but it must be tucked in if worn under the black jumper. Coloured/logo ‘T’ shirts should not be worn underneath polo shirts – plain white only.

PE kit
Boys Girls
Black/amber reversible top (Y10 optional) Black/amber Zeus T-shirt
Black calcio shorts with logo Black calcio shorts with logo
Black/amber socks Black/amber socks
Black/amber Zeus top (optional) PE trainers
Football boots and PE trainers Swimming costume (Y7+9 only)
Swimming shorts (below knee) (Y7+8 only) Plain black skorts (Y9/10/11 only) (optional)
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