Staff Development

CPD is crucial to the school’s development, and much of it at Heathfield is driven by staff themselves. Professional development is continuous and happens on many levels. Please contact Jeremy Backhouse, Director of CPD if you would like further information.

20 case studies of staff development at Heathfield

20 case studies of staff development at Heathfield.
At the heart of learning and teaching, there is effective professional development. This document celebrates some of the hard work undertaken by staff last year as they developed their practice.

  • Initial Teacher Training – training teachers always comment on the support they receive at Heathfield, for example weekly meetings, observing colleagues, shared lesson planning, internal workshops led by staff and opportunities to engage with a wide range of extra-curricular events/clubs.
  • Induction and structured support for newly qualified teachers, for example weekly meetings, internal workshops led by staff at Heathfield, and external all-day conferences provided by a county-wide provider.
  • Team Reviews are held once each year with the emphasis on collaboration and self-improvement. The process starts and concludes with department meetings to explore and research the focus, then to evaluate the process and decide on next steps.
  • Action research. Last year, as part of middle leadership courses, 16 teachers completed research on aspects of teaching and learning of their choice and presented to SLT. Many teachers research pedagogy as an integral and ongoing part of their own CPD every year.
  • Mentoring or ‘buddies’ for all new staff whether teaching or non-teaching.
  • Coaching offers all teachers and TAs the chance to focus on an aspect of their professional development with a trained member of staff.
  • Peer observations – observing colleagues can be immensely constructive.
  • Shadowing a member of staff.
  • In-school training as a whole school, or department.
  • Appraisal for all teachers and TAs offers a one hour discussion with their HOD/line manager (‘Professional Development Interviews’ are offered at other points in the year to staff who do not work directly within the classroom).
  • SLT observations - once a year, members of the senior leadership team observe each teacher.
  • Formal in-school and external courses eg NQT, Middle Leadership, ‘Going for Great’ and senior leadership.
  • Visiting other schools eg moderating coursework for an exam board, or undertaking a collaborative venture with another department or school.
  • External courses eg leadership, subject specific courses
  • CPD texts available in the library
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