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Heathfield School Year 7 Hockey - Somerset Games Winners

Year 7 hockey this season has been a huge success! With over 25 girls coming to training every week and all playing in one of the tournaments it was great to see so many year 7’s trying out a sport which many had never played before. 3 teams were entered in to every tournament showing the dedication and fantastic ability of the year 7 girls. 

The final tournament was at Bishop Fox’s school where the A team showed a huge amount of skill and team work. They won 3-0 against Bishop fox 2, drew 3-3 against Bishop Fox 1, won 3-1 against Kingsmead, won 3-0 against Minehead Middle and drew 1-1 against castle. This resulted in Heathfield winning the Taunton area and going forward to represent the area at Millfield School! The girls played in 3 games in the finals and ended up as County Champions! 

A great effort and performance all round! Congratulations Girls!


Heathfield School Year 8 Hockey

The year 8 Hockey season has been filled with successes and reasons to celebrate being a part of Heathfield Sport. Over 45 girls have attended training sessions throughout the season and it is fantastic to see so much commitment and dedication – come rain or shine (or frost or hurricanes…)! 

As a coach, the girls made it very difficult to select teams each week, but I am pleased to say that everyone who attended the club consistently had the opportunity to proudly represent Heathfield at Hockey; the school were also very proud to have them represent the PE department with a display of Hockey on open evening. 

The season was a mixture of wins, draws and unfortunate losses, but with each and every the game the girls showed amazing improvement in their skills and team work, and on many occasions they demonstrated their relentless team spirit to get them through. Individuals took on challenges of leadership through captaining the team, and some bravely volunteered to try a new skill of ‘goalkeeping’ for the first time! In a season finale they took on the Year 9s with a very close 2-0 defeat as the result – proving that the hard work from this year has paid off, and the future is very bright for next year! 

Well done girls!


Heathfield School Year 9 Hockey

The Year 9 Hockey squad once again played with pride during their Hockey season. With more than 40 students starting training at the beginning of the season, we had three full teams of players ready and enthusiastic about playing Hockey for their school. 

The results (2 games lost and 2 games drawn with two games cancelled by opposition) did not reflect the determination and positive attitude demonstrated by all members of the teams, who played with vigour throughout every game, even in the hugely challenging away match against Castle on a grass pitch. As the game evolved as too did the team strategy and the steep but rapidly climbed learning curve prevented the talented forward line of the Castle squad from putting more goals past our defence. 

By the end of the Hockey season, the team held their own against all opposition and were a sure threat to the score line. Well done to all who trained and played, it was indeed a great performance by one and all.


Heathfield School Year 10 Hockey

It has been another fantastic season for the year 10 hockey team in 2014. Progress has continued after an early season loss to Taunton Academy (1-0) even though we put the ball in the goal 3 times! We finished with a 5-2 win against Bishop Fox’s, which were actually our most difficult opposition of the season. It was a nail biting end to the league; as we had to wait for the last game of the season to be played and ended up runners-up on goal difference. 

A great finish to a season, which gives us new targets to get to the Somerset Finals next year.


Heathfield School Year 11 Hockey

The year 11 hockey girls showed masses of dedication considering they are in their last year at school! With over 20 girls coming to most training sessions it made it very difficult for me as the coach to select a side every week. 

A solid start to the season with a 5-0 win over Taunton Academy allowed the girls to get back into the game. A few weeks of solid training and some new skills allowed us to get a fantastic away win at castle where they won 2-0! A final win would take the girls to the finals at Millfield but unfortunately they were beaten at the final hurdle by Kingsmead who won 3-1. However the girls played exceptionally well and showed a great team spirit! 

Well done girls!

Holland Sports Tour 2013

There are so many opportunities at Heathfield and many of us students relish and savour the variety we are granted.

Here I am going to tell you about the latest sporting experience that took place on the 1st April 2013.

Everyone was really excited about the forthcoming tour and our expectations never failed us. We started preparation for the tour a few weeks before. We held some fundraising events in order to invest in some high quality sportswear to make us look a cut above the rest. The girls held a cake sale on two occasions and this raised a fair amount. The boys took part in a crossbar challenge and all together we came up with the money. Both the students and staff at Heathfield contributed to the fund and, on behalf of everyone on the tour, thank you for your donations.

We had to wake up extremely early on that Monday morning but the thrill restrained most from tiredness. The bags were packed into the coach and everyone made themselves comfy for the long journey ahead.

Many hours later we arrived at the hotel, had some dinner and got an early night for the next day.

Whilst we were there we received two training sessions from a semi-professional hockey player and the boy’s football training was great. The coaches were extremely beneficial and helped us during our matches.

The Dutch teams were, unfortunately for us, very good at the sport which resulted in defeat on both occasions for the year 9 hockey team. The boys also found the opposition very nice and some very physical but this helped us improve our game Each and every player tried their best though it was a good experience that we can learn from.

At the start of each game we presented the team with a pendant. This helped us learn what a professional game would be like. They were extremely pleased with the gift and, in exchange, gave us cake afterwards and a number of friend requests on Facebook!

However, at the tournament, we upped our game and performed very well. The defenders and I were relieved from the work load, which enabled the attackers and midfielders to really show off their newly developed skills. We won all of our matches and won the tournament which was a great way to finish of the sporting side of the tour. The Boys also did very well and enjoyed it as much as we did.

It was Miss Northcott’s birthday on the 6th so the girls gave her a card and a friend for her rabbit, Bobby. After, we were presented our medals and went to get ready for the disco! Time to party!

We arrived back at the hotel, not too late, and finished off some last minute packing. Everyone was sad it was over.

“I would rate the tour eight out of 10 and the only thing I would improve is to make it longer"
Joe Clark 9L

I then asked Joe what he had learnt from the experience.

“We should go to bed earlier when we have a game the next day!"
Joe Clark 9L

Everyone was extremely tired by the time we arrived home on the 5th of April. We thank the staff that put a huge amount of effort into organising the tour and on behalf of the year 8 girl’s hockey team, the year 9 hockey team, the year 8 football team and the year 9 football team. Thank you for this unforgettable experience.

Lucie Waddon 9L

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