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Aspire Challenges

Welcome to our new Aspire Challenge Programme at Heathfield Community School!

The Aspire Challenge Programme is a Heathfield Award scheme designed to inspire our HPA students towards achieving beyond their potential and celebrate their ability throughout their school years. The Aspire Challenge Programme is comprised of a number of challenges which aim to stretch, challenge, engage and motivate our students in a wide range of skills and subjects. There is no limit to the number of challenges a student can undertake and achieve.

The challenges can be completed in any order and once completed earns them a coloured pin badge to wear on their school jumper, as well as a place on the Heathfield ASPIRE Programme.

Number of challenges completedPin Badge awarded
5 ChallengesBlue
8 Challenges Red
11 ChallengesGreen
14 ChallengesBronze
17 ChallengesSilver
20 ChallengesGold

Most importantly, the challenges encourage students to learn new skills, seek high levels of achievement, make positive contributions to society and helps students to aspire academically, socially and emotionally.

The series of challenges can be found attached, along with information on what has to be produced and which teacher to find, in order to get a challenge signed off for completion. Students simply take an Aspire Challenge Completion Card to the designated member of staff to get the card signed off. Students are expected to maintain a portfolio of achievement and once enough challenges have been completed, the student will be awarded with his or her pin badge and certificate, as well as receiving many other opportunities on the Heathfield Aspire Programme.

The completion of a challenge is held in high esteem and will be celebrated across the School. We will notify you via a letter when your child completes an award.

The Heathfield Aspire Challenge Programme has been launched with KS3 HPA students.

We hope that your child is excited about starting the Aspire Challenge Programme and we look forward to celebrating their

Heathfield ASPIRE Challenge Programme

Ambitious, Student-focused, Potential, Inspire, Reflective, Excellence

Aspire to complete as many of the challenges throughout your KS3 School life and we will celebrate your achievement.

NoChallengeDepartmentLead teacher for signing off achievement
1Join our writing club and enter one of the writing competitions to become a published author.EnglishMiss.Harper / Mr.Bament / Miss.Brown
2Read around your learning. Read 3 books from the ‘Read Around the World’ display in the English corridor or see your English teacher for a list of modern and classic books which will develop a deep cultural understanding, as well as providing an entertaining and engaging pastime. EnglishMiss.Harper / Mr.Bament / Miss.Brown
3Take part in the Leeds Maths Challenge.MathsMr.Andrews / Mrs.Aries
4Attend a course ran at Exeter Maths School for talented mathematicians.MathsMr.Andrews / Mrs.Aries
5Produce a high-quality extended answer to 3 Science problems. (see back for extra question sheet)ScienceMr.Cuthbert
6Take part in one of the Science challenge events advertised on epraise.ScienceMr.Cuthbert
7Enter The Royal Society Science Challenge.ScienceMr.Cuthbert
8Enter a National Art competition.ArtMrs.Roberts
9Visit an Art Exhibition and produce a Critical Study in response.ArtMrs.Roberts
10Enter a national design competition. For instance
11Enter a national or regional Food/catering competition. At the moment we have future chef competition running. Ensure you take part in all activities that are offered to you.DTMrs.Smith
12Create an 'inspired' and 'extended' response to your autumn/spring/summer term project. Attend lunchtime sessions to experiment and extend your practical work time to allow for additional making and more complex construction. DTMrs.Smith
13Enter a national song writing competition – Song Academy Young Songwriter 2018 – WWW.SONGACADEMY.CO.UK. MusicMrs.Hall
14Join our many extra-curricular clubs – write or select music to be performed and have a go at leading and conducting. MusicMrs.Hall
15Enter a regional dance or drama platform. For example - Spring Forward Dance Platform held at the Tacchi Morris Art Centre. Performing ArtsMrs.Hoare
16Enter ‘Page to Stage’ competition run by the Tacchi Morris. Students summit a story/short play on one side of A4 paper. The winners have their story read or play performed by actors in the Tacchi Morris auditorium. Performing ArtsMrs.Hoare
17HPA students are invited to watch one of the Tacchi Morris professional touring companies and write a review for the Tacchi Morris Centre Director for future planning of shows. Performing ArtsMrs.Hoare
18Undertake a Geographical Enquiry of your own and write it up. You need to come up with a question for a title that you can answer by collecting data, either primary or secondary or a combination of both. GeographyMiss.Sperring
19Take part in the Geographical Association photo competition. Details can be found at and the entry can be uploaded at
20Find out more about real life explorers, where they have been and what challenges they have faced. For example Matt Dickinson, Ben Fogle/Prince Harry, Ranaulf Finnes, and Sir Michael Palin. Produce a report.GeographyMiss.Sperring
21Complete a History Secret Mission based around conspiracy theories. (see back for extra question sheet)HistoryMr.Lowndes
22Enter the Spirited Arts competition run by NATRE
23Write an essay exploring one of the following questions or see your RPE teacher for more: (see back for extra question sheet)RPEMrs.Lockwood
24Read one of the following books and write a book review. In the review explain why you think it is on a reading list for RPE! Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, Does My Head Look Big in This? By Randa Abdel-Fattah, I am Malala by Malala YousafzaiRPEMrs.Lockwood
25Students need to find a competition to do with MFL. These can be writing (in the foreign language), a film etc. Or, it can be a competition that is more to do with culture, and so can be written in English.MFLMrs.Wood
26Learn to sing an English song in a foreign language.MFLMrs.Wood
27Enter the Game Concept Award: design an original game idea.ICTMr.Durdan
28Enter the Game Making Award: pre-build a game prototype.ICTMr.Durdan
29Join a sports club outside of school and perform in a competitive environment or set yourself some targets to improvePEMrs.Hainsworth
30Watch a sport you haven't seen much before and identify key components of fitness, e.g. Speed, agility, balance, coordination, endurance etc. Produce a report/presentation.PEMrs.Hainsworth

Watch one of the following Ted Talks and make key notes:

Sport psychology - inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth
Secrets of elite athletes: Kenn Dickinson at TEDxSnoIsleLibraries
 The real importance of sports: Sean Adams at TEDxACU

32Visit a University and produce a visitors report.CareersMrs.Rand
33Undertake work experience in your own time and produce a write up.CareersMrs.Rand
34Raise £200 for charity independently and produce proof of collected sums of money.Moral CompassMrs.Rand
35Complete Ten Tors and/or a Duke of Edinburgh AwardNew SkillsMr.Ellwood
36Make a positive contribution to the environment or impact on sustainability and produce a report on action made and evidence of impact.Natural EnvironmentalMr.Bament
37Take a lead role in an enterprise challenge and raise £50 profit.EnterpriseMrs.Rand
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